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Celebrity Handwriting In the News

Most Forged Celebrity Autographs – 103.3 WODS-FM | The 60s, 70s

The annual list of the most counterfeited celebrity autographs for 2010 is dominated by iconic celebrities of past decades. is a given. But a new celebrity’s signature made the top 10 this year. Expert analysts at PSA/DNA Authentication …


The End of the Autograph? – Autograph Collectors Daily: Autograph

Autograph collecting, hobby news, book signings, conventions, in-person experiences and celebrity events. … George then proceeded to inscribe perfect forgeries of the signatures of the other three Beatles, even transferring the pen to his left hand to imitate Paul McCartney’s. Nobody is more blasé about autographs than the people who give them. They are fed up of signing an item then seeing it for sale online the following day. No wonder Ringo Starr said he wasn’t doing …


Top 10 Most Commonly Forged Autographs From Sports, History and

Yet again, another celebrity who passed away at a very young age (36 in 1962) which resulted in a very limited number of authentic autographs for fans of the iconic actress. Michael Jackson ($200 for a signed cut to $1000 or more for a …


A Skilled History of Digital Portrayal

These digital forgeries are rag in the bucks. When these photos are printed out on canvas, the look like a classic impressionist art. So digital portrayal has come a long way, and in the last few decadeor so, it went commercial!


**Obama Bombshell** Blue Hawaii: Health Department falsified Obama’s birth records!

FRAUD IN THE USA EXLUSIVE! Sometime between October 31, 2008, and July 27, 2009, the dates of Health Director Chiyome Fukino’s two press releases, Hawaii amended Obama’s birth record. A brand-new Certificate of Live Birth (not Certification) was issu…


#3 Fakes, Forgeries, and Mysteries: Rembrandt’s Son

Watch museum experts solve the DIA’s greatest art mysteries! Check back each week for a new whodunit. Visit dia.org today and get your tickets to see Fakes, Forgeries and Mysteries.


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