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How Much is a Forensic Document Examiner’s Salary?

Average Forensic Document Examiner Salary

What is the average salary for a forensic document examiner? See this chart.

If you are curious about what a full-time handwriting expert / forensic document examiner’s salary is, this chart will help you.  Based on our 15 years of research at the International School of Forensics, we have compiled a list of typical salaries and incomes based on region, state, country. Based on the average forensic document examiner’s salary.

If you’ve been searching for, “forensic document examiner salary” then you are probably curious about getting trained in this unique and high-paying career.

  • How you can train to become a forensic document examiner.
  • What exactly can you expect when you start your career.

Well, according to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, the Median Salary for all forensic science technicians in the year 2018 was $58,230.  However, this is a larger number that does not properly reflect the fact that forensic document examiners are specially trained individuals who often earn $150,000 –  $300,000 per year in private practice. As always, government positions pay less than the private sector.  

Forensic document examiner and their average salary and income.

Who specifically earns $150,000 / year or more in document examination ?

A forensic document examiner uses specific knowledge and training to consult and testify in court to the truth and authenticity of a document. This includes forgeries, altered documents, signatures, and handwriting items such as wills, contracts, and agreements. Therefore, will need to be a certified forensic document examiner and have a solid business plan in place to succeed.

We, at forensicdocexamschool.com, the International School of Forensic Document Examination have trained students who have gone on to earn a stable and good living a year on a government salary position and many students who have earned in excess of $150,000 in private practice.   Rest assured that if you are thinking of a career in forensic sciences, then this is the best place to get trained to earn the right salary and revenue if you are willing to be self-employed and use paid advertising to find new clients.

Our faculty members and research staff  have always do our best to keep in touch with our graduates and working professionals to establish the average , “forensic document examiner salary”.

Court Appearance Fee: $1000-$2000 United states average.

Deposition Fees $300- $500 per hour for depositions

The average hourly rate in the United States $200 / hour – $650 / hour.

New York, NY, USA   $190,00 / year

Los Angeles, CA USA .   $180,000/ year

Dallas, TX USA     $170,000/ year

London   $180,00/  year (Pounds)

Mumbai India   $40,000 /year   (Paid in Rupees)

Istanbul, Turkey  $50,000/ year

Denver, Co   $100,000 / year

Chicago, IL, USA  $180,000 / year

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