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How to be Great at Deposition and Testimony

One of the key skills of a forensic document examiner is giving a deposition and testimony.  As part of the school program, you will have lots of practice before you have to give a real testimony in front of a real judge.

The important thing here to understand is this: you are often going to be smarter than some of the attorneys relating to the topic of forensic document examination. So, you might have to help them form questions before you take the stand.

Yes, attorneys are smart in their own right, but in this field, you are the expert. That’s why you’re sitting where you’re sitting in the courtroom. And you’re the one who needs to move the conversation forward.

Since you’re in charge of what comes out of your mouth during both the deposition and testimony process, it’s your responsibility to make sure you are prepared and stay calm. You will also want to chat with your attorney about how to properly get your demonstrative exhibits entered into the curt record – otherwise, the jury won’t have access to review them when they go into their jury room to deliberate the verdict. 

Having a clear understanding of the trial process, and specifically, the deposition and testimony will position you as a professional in the forensic analysis field. 

Just go here and see all 17 videos in the series.

Bart Baggett Founder of the International School of Forensic Document Examination

Just go here and see all 17 videos in the series.