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If you are interested in the business of forensic document examination, you will want to watch the overview videos and take a tour of the official school website.


2 Year Distance Learning Program
Profiency Test for Working Examiners
USA Certification for International Working Forensic Examiners
International Students Welcome
Study at your own pace.
Online Content.  Books. Tele-Classeses
Court Qualified Faculty Members
Business Classes to jumpstart your career.

We publish new articles, videos, and other relevant information to increase the knowledge base of current and future forensic document examiners worldwide.  This site has contributions from current students, alumni, faculty members, and experts worldwide.   And, our editorial teams scours the world for relevant news to post here.  If you are interested in the science of forensic document examination, this site will be useful to you.


  1. iam intersted in the science of forensic document examination.my qualification is 12th&diploma in pharmacy.will i be eligible.my age is 38yrs,iam doing certi.fied course in handwriting.

  2. Each state has different requirements to qualify to testify. But, you should realize that forensic document examiners are not “licensed” like a nurse or a lawyer.

    Your “experience” and “training” helps you get qualified each time you testify.

  3. worked in Forensic Science Laboratory from 16 years as a questioned document examiner for my future career, profession and also to gain more skill and knowledge I keenly interest to learn more regarding the subject of science as well as about forged document examination..

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