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6 Keys to Being An Effective Expert Witness


6 Keys to Being An Effective Expert Witness



Radio Interview about Mortgage Crisis And Handwriting Experts

The U.S. real estate market is in a downward spiral of foreclosures, fraud and government bailouts.  This is affecting economies across the world, and it’s affecting individuals in the business of forensic document examination.  How it affects us is the topic of today’s interview.  Today I interviewed a man named Steve Vondren, who is an attorney specializing in real estate law and foreclosures.  Well, actually he interviewed me on his internet radio show.  If you’re in real estate or the handwriting business or just curious about the foreclosure mess and the fraud factories popping up around America, listen to this show.  There are a lot of facts, a lot of figures, and a lot of exact names of companies which actually committed fraud in the tune of billions of dollars by creating falsified documents, loan transfer documents, trust deeds, and simply forging people’s names.  It’s a fascinating interview which you will enjoy whether you are in the forensic documents exam business, a real estate investor or simply own a house with a mortgage.

In the current foreclosure environment, lenders and loan servicers are still hoping to keep a lid on the false signatures, notary fraud, and other foreclosure-gate issues. They are hoping no one will challenge false signatures. Well, our guest Bart Baggett, a forensic document examiner, will discuss what’s going on in the real estate industry.

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