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The only 2-year certification training program  for forensic document examiner training and forensic handwriting analysis training in the United States forensicdocexamschool.com for

2-Year Forensic document examiners school

What is the definition of Forensic Document Examination

Forensic Document Examination (FDE) is a forensic science discipline in which expert examiners evaluate documents disputed in the legal system regarding the authenticity of a document or handwriting on that document.  Questioned document examinations are involved in the comparison of the document, or aspects of the document, to a set of known standards (i.e., authentic specimens). 

In the majority of civil cases, the core issue is the identity of the person’s handwriting or signatures on such documents as Last Will and Testament,  Trust, Deeds, Transfer of Title, Real Estate contracts, Prenuptial agreements, and the like.  However, in criminal courts, the documents can be anything from prison letters, ransom notes, counterfeit currency, and passport or travel documents.

If you have ever wanted to break into the field of forensic document examination but did not know the path, this website can direct you to the training required to land a job as a  forensic document examiner or become an independent professional who consults as an expert witness.

This website, forensicdocexamschool.com is part of the International School of Forensic Document Examination which provided a two year distance learning program in forensic document examination and laboratory and on-the-job training to students who apply and get accepted.

The world’s only 2-Year  forensic document examiners school

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The faculty members of the International School of Forensic Document Examination  (forensicdocexamschool.com) are the leaders in forensic document examiner training, Forensic Handwriting Comparison Examination and working with real cases. If you search for “forensic document training” or “document examiner training”, you will get a bunch of articles and people who often administer tests, manage conferences, or even offer testing. 

However, there is only one official 2-Year forensic document examiner school. Learn from working faculty members who have a combined 100 years of real-world experience and over 500 in court appearances.  If you are wondering about the real truth about the field of forensic document examiners school and want to start a new career in this field, you should watch the new video series available here about the Core Skills required to become a successful forensic document examiner.   Watch video series here: https://www.internationalschool.us/

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Courts are filled with forged wills, fake checks, and mocked up contracts cluttering the legal system. Until recently, it was “free reign” for criminals to forge documents to support their dubious claims in the thousands of uncontested trials statewide because of a serious shortage of court qualified document examiners.  At the international school, we provide the most comprehensive and best training possible for forensic document examination.

In many states, the attorney general just dismisses in mass forged check charges and other document related crimes because the workload and the price is simply too high to prove forgery without a witness or a highly trained handwriting expert.

Handwriting Experts are needed daily in both civil and criminal proceedings. According to Bart Baggett, President of the School of Forensic Document Examination, “Over 90% of the handwriting cases we get never get to court. So, a powerful “letter of opinion” is in many cases, enough motivation to settle without the risky and costly trial.”

At forensicdocexamschool.com, we take each of our students as our family member and give them the best training possible for forensic document examination. Our excellent live classes and online video content allows students worldwide to take our training.

This school of mentors, professionals and educators, has changed the way documents are analyzed and forgery cases are solved. If have ever considered working in law enforcement, the legal field, or criminal forensics, handwriting document examination might be for you.

Our classes include forensic handwriting analysis training, signature analysis, and paper testing. We understand an individua’s motivation behind getting a forensic document examiner training certificate and we fully support every student, even after graduation.

Our dedicated team of working faculty members have made a significant impact on this industry over the past 20 years. The International School of Forensic Document Examination  (forensicdocexamschool.com) always believe that if a student is dedicated to the truth, justice, and committed to hard work, she will success and pass the curriculum in our  forensic document training.

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Our faculty members or working expert witness who are here to mentor you.

Along with our document examiner training and forensic document training course we also offer a forensic handwriting analysis training course. In this course you will get to know how you can become a handwriting expert. Our past students have undertaken this forensic handwriting analysis training and have secured a comfortable position in the market.

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Our forensic handwriting analysis training has been regarded as the best course of its kind.  Our success rate is the highest and our students reflect our hard work. Our forensic handwriting analysis training has proven to be the most effective by our students, critics and experts alike. So, when you investigate the faculty and curriculum at  forensicdocexamschool.com, you will find high-quality court qualified experts as your teachers. We hope to see you soon.